Step one: from the query of the client to the job ticket for production

In the first step of developing a printed material, a key account manager processes the query from the client and offers technical advice if needed (regarding the selection of paper, type of print, finishing processes etc.).

The calculations are being made in the program Monarch Foundation, eliminating possible mistakes caused by hand calculation (also, revision of calculations is much easier with this program). After the acceptance of an offer and filling out the order form by client, the job ticked can be made. In every job ticket the following is specified: Product and tasks> The expected beginning and end of the job> Estimated time for each phase of work> Projected operating speed of the machine or manual process> List of materials used> Indicated necessary quantities of materials for the print run and their addition.

Step two: production

The production is divided into four sections: design, prepress, printing and finishing.
We can provide a printed product starting from manuscripts or just an idea.

If the client has PDF files ready for printing, the preparation process for press begins with checking the documents. We use the program PitStop to check every possible problem with the files before the production. If needed, we can also make match prints or a dummy.

With the CTP (Computer to Plate) device we increased our imprint quality.

Our offset machines reach the velocity of 15.000 prints per hour.

For smaller quantities we use our digital machines with the maximum format 330x760mm.

After drying the paint, which depend on the type of paint, paper and applying method, printed sheets are mechanically and thermally processed to the required size and shape. The combination of processing has almost infinite number, we shell list just few: lamination, embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, screen printing, UV varnish, etc.

Step three: distribution

After a careful quality control, the final product is packaged and distributed to the client. In our firm we dispose with one Iveco van with tail lift and two Renault delivery vans.